New Tinxs launches “Linxs”, the world’s smartest mobile router

Revolutionary device comes with 10+ built-in sensors for a multitude of IoT uses.

Bruges, BELGIUM – May 4th 2017 - New Tinxs, an Industry 4.0 technology incubator and leading European provider of “Guest Wi-Fi”, announced today a new groundbreaking device that is an all-in-one enterprise-grade mobile router and IoT sensor hub.

Gery Pollet, CEO of New Tinxs, recalls, “During the past year many of our business customers were asking for a small, ‘IoT-ready’ mobile router that supports the latest LTE/4G and Wi-Fi standards. They wanted enterprise-grade security, but without the heft and expense of typical professional-grade devices. We looked around, but couldn’t find anything that met these demands. So, we decided to develop it ourselves. That’s how Linxs was born.”

Linxs is revolutionary because it includes—next to integrated LTE, Wi-Fi, Ethernet and BLE connectivity—more than 10 built-in sensors, and the ability to add more sensors on-the-fly using USB or BLE. Plus, Linxs has all the requirements to add enterprise applications. Linxs is based on open-source Linux OS, and supports additional enterprise features like remote device management, multiple SSIDs and VPNs, and the latest security standards.

Koen de Mol, CTO of New Tinxs, explains, “Imagine you are a media company. With Linxs, you can provide guest Wi-Fi around bus stops and measure air quality for the city at the same time. A manufacturer can now perform predictive maintenance. An insurance company can use Linxs to reduce risk by monitoring driver behaviour, create rewards programs—and promote in-car Wi-Fi. With Linxs, you have everything you need, right in the palm of your hand.”

Linxs was developed in close collaboration with imec, the world-leading R&D and innovation hub in nanoelectronics and digital technologies (  Imec designed the hardware of Linxs to achieve a small and low-power device, packed with smart sensors and reliable wireless connectivity. The “Guest Wi-Fi” module of Linxs is powered by Aptilo SMP, the world’s #1 service control solution for large-scale Wi-Fi (

Get Linked. Linxs is sleek, powerful—and affordable. And, it is available today for pre-order at Linxs ships in Q4/2017.

About new Tinxs:

New Tinxs is an Industry 4.0 technology incubator. We translate ideas and concepts into groundbreaking products and services that improve the ways we communicate. With a special focus on pioneering custom IoT devices and powerful cloud platform services, we break through barriers between people, machines, and systems in order to create a smarter, smaller world.

Media contact:

Ann-Sophie Loeys New Tinxs NV/SA P: +32-50-407900 E:

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