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Are you looking for a challenging career in technology? It’s your lucky day, because we are looking for engineers and technicians to join us. 

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The cleanroom is the beating heart of imec. It’s where the chips of the future are prototyped. That’s right: you get to work with the newest chips years before they are used in life-changing applications. 


Sorry – going a little too fast. ‘Chips’ we said? Yes, chips. It’s what imec does: we develop the tiniest, fastest and most powerful chips you’ve ever seen. These chips can be used for new diagnostic instruments to detect cancer in an early phase, sensor systems for self-driving vehicles, virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR), sustainable energy consumption and many more things.

Your job

In our cleanroom, you don’t only work with the newest chips, you also work in the Walhalla of technology: the world’s best infrastructure is in there. If you like technology, you will definitely love these toys!

As our cleanroom is on duty 24/7, working in the cleanroom means working in shifts. Afraid that this will end your social life? Don’t be dramatic. Let’s have a look at the bright side: what about having time to go the supermarket when no one’s there? Or having late night drinks because you don’t have to get up at 7AM? This schedule will suit you!

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