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Start your technical career at imec

Many people want to change the world. At imec, we actually are working on it. How? It all starts with chips. The tiniest, fastest and most powerful chips you’ve ever seen. These chips can be used for new diagnostic instruments to detect cancer in an early phase, sensor systems for self-driving vehicles, virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR), sustainable energy consumption and many more things.

At imec, we believe that technology has the power to improve lives. Do you share this belief? Join our technical and engineering teams and help us embracing a better life.

Are you missing a technical degree? Don’t worry. If you bring the motivation, we give the education. Go to imec schooland discover our dual learning program.

Working in our cleanroom

A cleanroom is a dust free environment where we produce and test chips. That’s why we wear a white suit when we enter the room, meant to protect the chips from dust. If a dust particle touches a chip, the chip is destroyed – and so is the work of our researchers. So, as a cleanroom operator, you’ve got quite a big responsibility.

Our two cleanrooms are equipped with state-of-the-art technology. We’re not exaggerating when we say the world’s best infrastructure is in there. Being a world leader in nanotechnology, we simply can’t work without it. If you’re dreaming of working in a unique environment, grab your chance.

As our cleanroom is on duty24/7, the operators are working in shifts. Sound scary? Well, it isn’t. Because working in shifts means job variety and interesting benefits. And above all, it boosts your work-life balance. 

Our future starts with you.

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