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Advanced patterning and key process steps

Imec and its partners are working on the improved tools and processes that are indispensable for the advancement of consecutive technology nodes.

Imec works with the world’s leading equipment and material suppliers to develop the most advanced patterning techniques. We combine:

  • advanced imaging
  • novel patterning materials
  • new etch capabilities
  • state-of-the-art metrology

These tools and techniques are available in imec’s advanced 300mm cleanroom, resulting in a unique, vendor-neutral lab where the processes for next-generation logic and memory circuits are developed and perfected.

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Do you develop patterning tools, resist chemicals, semiconductor materials, analysis software, semiconductor process technology tools? Or are you perfecting advanced process steps for next technology nodes? Then you’re sure to benefit from imec’s ecosystem, cleanroom and many collaboration options.

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Watch the talk by imec expert Steven Scheer on New materials as a fundamental enabler of next-generation logic and memory devices

Advanced lithography

In the frame of the Advanced Patterning Center collaboration with ASML, we’re developing next-generation EUV patterning solutions while accelerating the industrialization of EUV lithography by pro-actively analyzing and solving technical challenges related to stochastic defects, reliability and yield.

28nm pitch CH ADI

28nm contact holes, obtained on a 0.33NA NXE:3400 full field scanner

To help do that, we’ve set up the AttoLab, where we can already image at high-NA EUV dimensions before the introduction of the high-NA tool, and study EUV photon absorption and subsequent ionization processes at unprecedented timescales from attoseconds to picoseconds.


Assembly of a High NA EUV tool in joint imec-ASML High-NA lab at ASML’s headquarters in Veldhoven, the Netherlands. Credit: ASML  

Imec and ASML established a joint high-NA EUV lab. There, together with our partners, we address challenges such as advanced EUV mask technology, new patterning materials, process developments and the respective advanced metrology needed to accelerate the adoption of high-NA EUV patterning.

2024 press release: imec and ASML open joint High NA EUV Lithography Lab

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