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Object recognition in augmented reality

In the picture: imec.icon-project ARIA 

In the imec.icon project ARIA, the project partners used artificial intelligence for object recognition. ARIA, a project that ran from 2016 to 2018, focused on the application of augmented reality (AR) for industrial maintenance processes. Using a hololens or other AR-supported device, maintenance staff can be guided step by step through their work on machines and industrial installations. This allows them to carry out maintenance or repairs in a correct and safe manner, even if they are less familiar with the specific installation. 

An important aspect in such a scenario is object recognition. More specifically, identifying the right parts and tools to perform a specific task. To complement the experience of the operational staff, the algorithm can identify objects from different view angles. 

The AI algorithm was trained using a database of existing components, but can also identify and name new components that were not in the original database, even when there is only a family resemblance.

Using the wrong screw, or having one to spare at the end of a complex repair, should be a thing of the past.

The ARIA project was a collaboration between MICT and IPI, two imec research groups at Ghent University; ETRO, an imec research group at VUB and the industrial partners Evonik Degussa Antwerp, Impala and Neopica.


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About Jan Van Looy

Jan Van Looy is assistant professor at the imec research group for Media and ICT (MICT) at Ghent University, Belgium, where his team conducts research into digital games and immersive media.

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