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The 5 highlights of February

Life is busy. So maybe you don’t have the time to read all the interesting in-depth articles we have written for you in this issue. On this page you can find a quick heads-up on what imec has been doing in the past month.

Imec establishes first comprehensive solution for EUVL enablement in high-volume manufacturing

At the SPIE Advanced Lithography conference in San Jose, Calif. (USA), imec and its partners presented a patterning solution for a 42nm-pitch M1 layer and a 32nm-pitch M2 layer in logic design compatible with the foundry N5 requirements. The approach includes two scenarios for EUVL insertion that, when combined with an array of scaling boosters, serve as a basis of the industry requirements for power, performance, area and cost. Including proposals for design rules, masks, photoresists, etching, and metrology and an extensive process variation assessment, imec’s R&D has thus established the first comprehensive solution for EUVL enablement in high-volume manufacturing. Read more.

Five Flemish start-ups join the imec.istart incubation program

The last quarter of 2016 brought five new promising high-tech start-ups on-board the imec.istart entrepreneurship program. The newcomers are active in very diverse sectors – such as construction (BuildEye), transportation (BusOnline.eu), gaming (FanArena), business services (KnowledgeFlow) and virtual reality (Yondr). For the next 6 to 18 months, the five companies can count on imec’s financial support, professional coaching and access to several co-working facilities to get their business off the ground. Continue here for more info on the imec.istart entrepreneurship program.

  • BuildEye: connecting construction professionals and architects in one app
  • BusOnline.eu: an easier way to book your bus ride
  • FanArena: create and manage your football dream team
  • KnowledgeFlow: easily sharing and accessing knowledge within your company
  • Yondr: your virtual travel platform

Flemish Government increases financial support of imec

In a new five-year strategic commitment, the Flemish Government has raised imec’s annual grant to 108 million euro – with extra money being invested in imec’s longer-term strategic research. This will help imec consolidate its global position in advanced semiconductor R&D and digital technology; moreover, it will allow imec to expand its innovation capabilities in application domains such as smart health, smart cities, smart mobility, sustainable energy & Industry 4.0. Read more.

Registrations for ITF Belgium have started

ITF Belgium is the flagship edition of the worldwide series of Imec Technology Forums. Each year, it rallies experts and visionaries from around the world at a two-day event to discuss the future of technology and how tech innovation can be brought to market. This year’s theme is: “Nano-Bytes Creating Magic” – uniquely fusing the fascinating worlds of nanoelectronics and digital technologies following the merger of imec and iMinds. Amongst the executive keynote speakers are Kinam Kim (Samsung Electronics), Dieter May (BMW), Matt Grob (Qualcomm Technologies) & Peter Lee (Microsoft Research). For more info about the program, and to register, please visit http://www.itf2017.be.

Imec, Holst Centre & ROHM present breakthrough solution for ultra-low power Internet of Things radios

At the 2017 International Solid-State Circuits Conference in San Francisco, imec, Holst Centre and ROHM presented an all-digital phase-locked loop (ADPLL) for Internet-of-Things (IoT) radio transceivers. Whereas a PLL is traditionally one of the major power consumers in a radio and can take up to 30% of the radio area, this new ADPLL features a small area (0.18mm² in 40nm CMOS), low power consumption (0.67mW) and excellent performance. With all spurs lower than -56dBc and jitter below 2ps, which is beyond state-of-the-art digital PLLs, the new ADPLL shows an excellent robustness. Read more.

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