The future of cycling got a little bit brighter with the announcement of new project MegaBITS (Mobilizing Europe's Green Ambition through Bicycles and Intelligent Transport Systems), the ground-breaking successor to the Interreg North Sea Region project BITS (Bicycles and Intelligent Transport Systems).

Goal of the project

MegaBITS is committed to revolutionize the cycling industry and pave the way for the EU's green mobility transition. The goal is to achieve a 10% increase in cycling kms within target groups and an 8.8% decrease in CO₂ emissions.

Practical info

MegaBITS receives 60% funding through the Interreg North Sea programme and runs from May 2023 till April 2026. 

The project coördinator is the Province of Overrijsel (NL) 


  1. CycleDataHub (CDH)
    The CDH will be in line with the EU data space initiatives and will allow for expansion and collaboration with other mobility subdomains and other fields. The CDH will serve as an open platform for all partners and stakeholders that enables exchanging data.  
  2. Bicycles and ITS Directory 
    The Bicycles and ITS Directory (BID) is a unique marketplace which connects the developers of cycle-specific ITS technologies (products and services) with public authorities or other businesses.  The BID is a one-of-a-kind tool for the cycling industry, serving to develop a full ecosystem for connected cycling. It does so by connecting the developers and innovators of cycling-specific technology with public authorities or other businesses.
  3. Guidelines that help strengthen EU’s cycling policy 

Pilot cities & regions

5 thematic projects in seven different cities/regions have to achieve this goal by accelerating the deployment of ITS technologies for improved safety, comfort and convenience for cyclists.

MegaBITS’ pilot cities and regions are

  • Hamburg
  • Copenhaguen
  • Le Havre
  • Province of Antwerp
  • Province of Overrijsel

Role of imec

Imec will take up the role as technical coordinator and will fulfill the following tasks

  • Improve current CycleDataHub to enable data exchangement and facilitate the creation of links with other initiatives on cycle data (eg. NAP’s)
  • Disseminate lessons learned with third parties using our good connections with other European initiatives, like the European Cyclists’ Federation (EPF), Enoll network, Gaia – X and FiWARE
  • Support cities and governments by developing a data-driven decision-making tool, that can help in analysing, monitoring and visualising the cycling data from the (various) pilots 
  • Advise the MegaBITS partners and other interested parties on data governance, standardisation and data management, based on research findings within MegaBITS and other projects
  • Exchange knowledge on bicycle ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) and C-ITS solutions

By being a partner, imec envisions to contribute to a safer multimodal urban mobility and to support the European ambition to reduce CO2 emissions and the transition to a net zero carbon economy.

“This project is first and foremost, about having a social impact, about making cycling safer and more enjoyable. For ourselves, for our colleagues, and for our children.” 
Evelien Marlier (R&D project manager, imec)

MegaBITS - pilot cities & regions
Interreg North Sea logo 2023 MegaBITS
Evelien Marlier

Evelien Marlier - R&D project manager, imec


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