Bridging the app gap in Flemish secondary schools

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Research has shown that teachers in Flemish secondary schools are genuinely interested in integrating digital tools (such as tablets) in their curricula. But this obviously requires the right content to be available in the right format – which is a major showstopper today.

EduTablet rallied all stakeholders (schools, app developers, publishers and academic researchers) to investigate how this so-called ‘educational app gap’ can be bridged.

EduTablet’s project partners put users (teachers as well as secondary school students) center stage and used their inputs to investigate:

  • What educational apps should look like, and which features they should contain.
  • Which approaches and technologies could help Flemish publishers to create digital educational content.
  • Which recommendations could be formulated towards teachers, schools, publishers and policy makers to foster the uptake of digital apps in Flemish secondary schools.

  The outcomes

  • A number of basic technological hurdles need to be overcome first
  • Three demonstrators uplifting traditional learning content to the digital era
  • Blended learning is the future, but it requires a well (re)-defined role of secondary school teachers

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EduTablet (Tablets in Education) is an imec.icon research project.

It ran from 01.01.2014 until 31.12.2015.

Project information


  • BLCC Leuven


  • imec - ITEC - KU Leuven
  • imec - Data Science Lab - UGent
  • imec - CiTiP - KU Leuven
  • imec - SMIT - VUB
  • imec - MICT - UGent
  • Living Labs (iLab.o)


  • Project Lead: Winnie Valbracht
  • Research Lead: Ellen Vanderhoven
  • Innovation Manager: Stefan Van Baelen
  • Proposal Manager: Ellen Vanderhoven