Flexible federated Unified Service Environment

When cross-organizational collaboration is needed between software platforms operating in isolated domains, it can be extremely difficult to connect them. FUSE aims to develop a single service architecture that securely connects many software components and domains flexibly and dynamically on a temporary basis. The solution will allow many separate platforms to easily collaborate in order to offer a joint service to an enterprise, helping it achieve its operational goals more efficiently.

One solution linking heterogeneous domains

Temporary collaborations are often needed between independent software platforms to generate a complete picture of operations across a function or enterprise. This need is especially apparent in crisis situations and equipment management in manufacturing. Linking these different platforms is difficult because of their many possible deployment options and infrastructure setups. Even more, a modular, adaptable, secure solution that supports every software and infrastructure combination is needed, since redesigning it for every deployment would be costly and time-consuming.

Micro-services that meet changing needs

Made up of partners active in control room settings and manufacturing, the FUSE consortium will create a unified service architecture that:

  • consists of write-once-run-anywhere services that support secure, ad-hoc federations;
  • features lightweight, flexible service management that scales and adapts to changing needs;
  • enables secure collaboration on a temporary basis and returns the system to its normal state after collaboration.

Smoother interaction, fruitful collaboration

The results of the FUSE project will allow the automated setup and configuration of a federation linking many different hardware and software systems. The resulting operational efficiency gains will lead to faster and better collaboration both within and between organizations, services easily tailored to customer and partner needs, and faster responses to crisis situations.


“FUSE will develop a single service architecture that securely connects many software components and domains flexibly and dynamically on a temporary basis. This will enable separate software platforms to collaborate to provide a single service, enhancing company flexibility and operational efficiency.”


Flexible federated Unified Service Environment.


FUSE is an imec.icon research project funded by Agentschap Innoveren & Ondernemen and imec.

It started on 01.10.2017 and is set to run until 30.09.2019.

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Project information


  • E-BO Enterprises
  • Axians
  • Barco


  • IDlab – UGent
  • DistriNet – KU Leuven
  • IDLab - UAntwerpen


  • Project Lead: Wim Sandra
  • Research Lead: Bruno Volckaert
  • Innovation Manager: Piet Verhoeve

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