LUNAR and the shop of the future

Retail industry localization based on ultra wideband technology

The focus of LUNAR is on the optimization of the customers’ retail shopping experience. In addition, the project aims to give retailers detailed insights into customer behaviour by providing an accurate, cost-effective, scalable solution for real-time customer tracking, based on ultra wideband (UWB) technology.


Digital ways to improve customer experience 

Today’s consumers are demanding and have more information at their fingertips than ever before. The rise of the digital economy means that European retailers must transform to meet customer needs in unique, in-store ways. The added value of using UWB technology to track customer positions makes commercial success more likely by improving retailers’ ability to offer the right products in the right locations in the right ways.

The LUNAR project will overcome technical challenges involved in accurate customer positioning, scalability in real retail environments and ensuring excellent usability and user acceptance.

Insight into in-shop customer behaviour

UWB technology, accurate to under 30 cm, is scalable and can support large retail environments with many customers. As such, the outcomes of the LUNAR project will give retailers the ability to deliver better experiences faster than their competitors through exceptional insight into in-shop customer behaviour. LUNAR will improve customer experience by allowing retailers to guide shoppers to desired products or items that are likely of interest, providing them with personalized information about products, informing them about promotions, assisting disabled customers and helping customers locate employees.

Optimized store layouts, sales pattern identification and employee support

LUNAR technology will further benefit retailers by allowing items to be positioned for the best customer traffic flow. Not only will this optimize shop layouts, retailers will reap the rewards of: 

  • smooth identification of sales patterns in interesting products; 
  • faster labelling and restocking; 
  • reduced reliance on paper; and
  • better deployment and training of employees.


The degree to which the LUNAR product exceeds the current state-of-the art will lead to a global competitive advantage. This will bring about an increase in investments and employment in Flanders, resulting in additional revenues for project participants and Flemish retailers.


Retail industry localization based on ultra wideband technology


LUNAR is an imec.icon project funded by imec, IWT, Colruyt and UGent DIGCOM.

It started on 01.04.2016 and is set to run until 31.03.2018.

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Project information


  • Colruyt
  • Decathlon Belgium
  • MaDe
  • Pozyx Labs


  • imec - IBCN - UGent
  • imec - MICT - UGent
  • UGent - DIGCOM


  • Project Lead: Samuel Van de Velde
  • Research Lead: Eli De Poorter
  • Innovation Manager: Steven Van Assche

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