Bilateral research
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Bilateral research

Want to be the first to conquer the market with next-generation technology? Then give yourself an edge over your competitors. Partner up with the world-leading research and innovation hub in nanoelectronics and digital technologies. And get better results, faster.

Exclusive ally

If you’re in need of specific expertise or want to use best-in-class infrastructure for private research, step into a bilateral collaboration with imec. Working with such a discreet and trusted partner is the best way to accelerate your project while securing your IP.

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Exceptional facilities

Are the restrictions of your research facilities hampering your development? Imec gives you access to an infrastructure that’s among the most advanced in the world. It includes:

Fabulous expertise

For a successful R&D program, you need state-of-the art infrastructure and exceptional minds. And at imec, both are waiting for you. More than 5,000 top researchers from around the world are at your disposal. It’s the perfect enrichment of your own R&D team. 

What’s more, you benefit from the dynamic ecosystem that surrounds imec: a multitude of national and international partners – from universities to companies from numerous industries across the value chain.

Want to talk about our joint future? Reach out to us.