Use imec’s high-precision and low-power UWB positioning and tracking technology to design your next-generation IoT products.

In many IoT applications, it’s crucial that devices are spatially aware. We need to know their position and movement – in a two- or three-dimensional space.

Several technologies are available for this. But none beats ultra-wideband (UWB) when it comes to:

  • speed and update rates
  • accuracy and precision
  • security against relay attacks

Ultra-wideband technology has been around for a long time. However, there is now a surge of interest in UWB because of its ideal match with advanced applications such as:

  • secure access and secure keyless entry
  • high-precision distance measurement
  • indoor positioning and tracking
  • VR/AR
  • secure mobile payments

Imec also believes that UWB can become a strong contender for applications that require high-rate data transfer at short distances with very low energy consumption. Such as smart glasses for AR/VR, and neuroscientific research.

2022 press release: imec's UWB transmitter chip pushes data rates up to 1.66Gb/s

2024 press release: imec's UWB receiver chip is 10x more resilient against Wi-Fi and (beyond) 5G interference

Want to develop a product or service that relies on compact and ultra-low power UWB technology? You’re welcome to build on imec’s ultra-wideband technology IP and support.

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Use our ultra-wideband IP in wireless positioning and tracking technology

Do you want to speed up the integration of advanced ultra-wideband technology in your product or service? Then imec is happy to support you in three ways:

  1. design on demand – Rely on our top researchers and advanced infrastructure for your custom R&D into ultra-wideband technology.
  2. insight partnership – Get previews of our latest developments via regular concept and prototype demonstrations.
  3. whitebox silicon IP licensing and technology transfer – Tune our hardware and software IP to your needs, with support from our experts.

Ultra-wideband technology portfolio

We offer a wide range of hardware and software IP, such as:

  • UWB positioning and tracking algorithms that achieve cm-accuracy in challenging environments
  • secure distance bounding protocols for the prevention of relay attacks
  • analog and digital IC designs, layout databases and test benches of wireless transceivers and building blocks
  • proof-of-concept integrated circuit implementations and demonstrators
  • antenna designs

Want to develop your UWB technology with us?

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