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Explore the technology that enables the next wave of smart buildings – intuitive working and living spaces that adapt so people feel comfortable, safe, and healthy.

New sensor technology and advances in machine learning will support people to spend a safer, productive and more pleasant time at the office. Or allow people in hospitals and care centers to be safe and supported 24/7, unobtrusive and with respect for their privacy.

These exciting new applications are driven by, amongst others, extremely compact radars that track people and remotely monitor vital signs, by ubiquitous small sensors to monitor air and water quality, and by wireless technology that enables fine-grained positioning and safe access.

Intuitive spaces for smart buildings

Smart, intuitive offices seamlessly adapt to how many people are present, and to who they are and what they’re doing. The building’s temperature, lighting, and atmosphere are adjusted accordingly. The use of energy is minimized and access is monitored unobtrusively.   

Some of the applications that our technology enables:

  • fine-resolution, privacy-preserving person and activity detection
  • vital sign monitoring (breathing, heart rate)
  • hand and body gesture recognition for access, interface control, and intention detection
  • ultra-compact human-machine interfaces to laptops, watches, ...
  • security, surveillance, and smart access
  • adaption of environmental parameters to the activity, focus, or stress level of people        

These are some of imec’s underlying breakthrough technologies:

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Develop your next-generation smart building solutions with imec

Whether you’re involved in the design of future professional buildings, or are offering IoT sensors or solutions for intuitive spaces, you’ll find a great R&D partner in imec. Moreover, collaborating with imec will give you access to proven technology, disruptive concepts, valuable IP, partnerships, prototyping and testing facilities, and the world’s largest ecosystem in electronics.

Here are a few of the many possibilities:

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