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140 GHz radar for gesture recognition technology and driver monitoring

From controlling devices with a wave of the hand to registering the heartbeat of a car driver – there are a lot of uses for imec’s precise and compact on-chip radars. Take a look at the possibilities and discover how you can benefit from the results of our research.

Advantages of 140 GHz radar

This highest frequency member of imec’s on-chip radar systems is:

  1. privacy-friendly – Applications such as gesture recognition technology often require that the identity of people remains hidden. Radar technology ensures that anonymity.
  2. reliable – Radar sensors always register movements, even when it’s dark or foggy.
  3. sensitive –  High RF (140 GHz) and bandwidth (10 GHz) guarantee a sufficient spatial resolution.
  4. compact – These radars with on-chip antennas fit in a 10x10 mm² package – small enough to be placed along, for example, the bezel of a TV screen.
  5. low-cost – Because imec’s radars can be manufactured with widely available CMOS technology, they are suitable for mass production at a low price per unit.

Read this flyer for more details about imec’s 140 GHz on-chip radar

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All these characteristics make the 140 GHz radar uniquely suited for applications that integrate precise motion sensing into our daily lives, such as:

  • monitoring of vital signs (heartbeat, respiration) and people activity
    • driver monitoring  
    • patient monitoring, elderly care, enhanced nursing efficiency
    • smart buildings
    • worker safety control
  • anti-collision and inspection solutions within Industry 4.0
    • robotics
    • human-machine interaction
    • AR/VR, e.g. for assisted maintenance
  • intuitive interaction between humans and devices
    • gesture-based interface control and intention detection
    • AR and VR experiences
    • gaming interfaces and creative means of content production
    • enrichment of other sensors like camera and sound with depth
    • people location for accurate tuning of audiovisual content 

One of the most promising uses of 140 GHz radar is gesture recognition.

Gesture recognition: a smarter way to handle technology

From our smartphones to our car dashboards, touch control has become a standard way to interact with technology. But what if we could eliminate the need of actual contact with the device? No more smudgy fingerprints on touchscreens, an easier way to control small devices such as smartwatches, a safer way to switch the channel of your car stereo, ...

That’s the promise of gesture recognition technology. It’s complementary to other device control mechanisms such as voice control. And it can be completely hidden, e.g. behind a thin layer of plastic or inside a device.

Watch this movie to see how it works:

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Imec is working on gesture recognition technology by combining:

  • 140 GHz on-chip radar that picks up on the smallest movements and can be invisibly integrated into our environment.
  • Signal processing and machine learning techniques that detect and classify motions.

Want to join our 140 GHz radar or gesture recognition program?

We offer a wide array of collaboration models. For example:

  • Gain insights into the latest developments as soon as they are available.
  • Make use of our hardware module and software for testing and application development.
  • Integrate our technology in your program by using licensing options of chip and module designs, and software IP.

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