How we hire our talent




Our talent is our greatest asset

All the equipment in the world means nothing without people and their creativity to work magic. More than 3,500 people foster imec’s growth. Though the opposite is also true: imec helps people grow beyond their limits. Together these people build a community of like-minded professionals where everyone is important. Are you one of them?


First, send us your resume online. Our hiring manager and talent acquisition specialist will screen your application for background, knowledge and professional experience.

Acquaintance interview

If there’s a match, we’ll have a first interview. If you live abroad we will do a first phone interview. In this interview HR will check on your overall motivation and fit with imec. The hiring manager will assess your technical knowledge and background. To prepare for an in-depth face2face interview you will be asked to fill in a personality questionnaire. Our goal is to get to know you better and we hope you will do the same. Make sure you are prepared: research imec, our business, our technology and services. Just relax and be yourself. We’re just as eager to meet you.

Motivational interview

Our hiring manager, together with your recruiter, will take an in-depth look at your experience, motivation, expectations and growth potential. Therefore you will be invited for a personal meeting with our talent team in Leuven, Belgium. You will have the opportunity to ask them anything you would like to know about imec and the position you applied for. After all, our business is called research for a reason. After this interview we should be able to decide if you are the right candidate for the job. And we hope you’ll know whether imec is the right company for you.

Final interview

There might be a third and final interview with a division manager or an expert, or sometimes even with your future co-workers. If you live abroad we will make sure all your interviews and meetings take place on the same day. You will get your ‘program’ before arrival at Imec and of course Imec organizes your ‘recruitment trip’ to Leuven. 

Some general tips: wear clothes you feel comfortable in. We’re not looking for an image, we’re looking at your personality. Be open: we’d like to get to know you, your character and the way you talk, think, act and work. Ask us anything: the interviews are excellent opportunities for you to get to know imec.


If you apply for a scientific position we will ask you to present your research, publications, patents etc. Some technical jobs require a visit to our clean-rooms and labs. When applying for a management position you will have to pass an assessment.


If you successfully pass all the previous steps, we will make you a job offer. For this offer we will reach out to you to get some additional extra data (highest earned degree, copy of your passport...). Once we agree on your start date, imec will arrange your on-boarding to welcome you in the best possible way. For talent abroad: we will help you move to Belgium, making you feel at home more easily.

We are open and respectful to all talent from all countries, religions and cultures.

Any questions? Ask our Talent Acquisition Team


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