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The role of 3D-NAND-Flash and FeFET in the data storage roadmap


3D-NAND-Flash continues to be the industry’s answer to the ever-increasing demand for high-density data storage technology.

At the same time, the storage market is branching off into low(er)-latency segments, giving rise to faster versions of 3D-NAND and gradually giving way to the ferroelectric field effect transistor (FeFET). 

In this article, Maarten Rosmeulen, program director of storage memory and Jan Van Houdt, program director of ferroelectrics at imec and professor at the physics and astronomy department of the KU Leuven, review the data storage roadmap. They discuss recent progress in 3D-(gate-all-around)-NAND-Flash, which allows the technology to advance towards terabit/mm2 bit storage density. They also explain how FeFET fits in the future low-latency storage market segment and discuss the challenges ahead.