In a fast changing world, we have to learn quickly. Therefore, we believe it’s important to challenge our minds and feed our brains every day. Imec offers educational programs to strengthen your skills and to stay ahead of the newest technologies.


Imec.academy, imec’s learning institute, offers specialized courses on nanoelectronics and digital technology and engages in research on educational technology. Its technical training programs combine world-class expertise with hands-on applications for the local and international industry, academia and the imec employees. With its smart education research, imec strives to increase learning effectiveness by using smart technologies.

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Erasmus Mundus Master Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

Imec is associated partner of the Erasmus Mundus Master Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (EMM-Nano+ master) in collaboration with 5 leading European universities. Thanks to its combination of partners, expertise and courses, it offers a unique integrated master program, covering all aspects of nanoscience and nanoelectronics, while at the same time allowing students to design an individual study program with specialization in essentially any field of nanoscience and nanoelectronics. It is an excellent preparation for doing a PhD at imec later on.

It facilitates studying at two separate participating universities where students spend one year per country. It is strongly multidisciplinary: students receive a basic training in all the disciplines offered, one of which becomes the area of specialization. At the end of the program students will receive a joint degree from the two universities where they studied. The program includes the possibility to do project work and internships at imec.