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We help innovators, entrepreneurs and universities to realize their ideas in silicon by providing low-cost prototyping and volume production.

Imec.IC-link adds value across the entire ASIC value chain

  • Get access to leading-edge foundries for any volume and enjoy the support of a world-class support group.
  • Build on the knowledge of imec research.
  • Tap into our expertise in low-power design.
  • Gain access to our technical support teams for technologies from 0.7 µm up to advanced nodes like FinFET 7 nm.
  • Trust in our track record of delivering high quality solutions in markets such as healthcare, space, automotive, industrial, IOT and AI.
  • Work flexibly with either Full Turn-Key (FTK) or Customer-Owned Tooling (COT) design flows.
  • Transition from small-scale Multi-Project Wafer (MPW) prototyping runs to volume production using our ASIC supply-chain management services.

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Our services



Full supply chain management for packaging, test and qualification.


IC Manufacturing

Access and technical support leading foundry’s regularly scheduled MPW runs.


ASIC Design

Analog and digital design of full chips and building blocks.

Our specialties


Low power design

Extensive experience on low-power implementation techniques: multi-voltage domains, power shutdown, multiple threshold voltage levels.


The internet of things

Specialised in technologies and IP ideally suited to low-power, wireless, and secure products.


Photonic Integrated Circuits

Prototyping and small volume production of photonic integrated circuits implemented using standard silicon manufacturing processes.


Radiation hardened CMOS technology

Radiation-hardened ASIC building blocks implemented in standard foundry technologies.

Our partners

Imec.IC-link Design and IP Partnership Programs

Our partnership programs are designed to pool the talents and resources of the world-class design and IP companies located bother locally and internationally. This program allows us to select and coordinate the wide range of capabilities that are needed to deliver full turn-key design projects to our customers.

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Stefan Gogaert, CEO AnSem

"AnSem, the leading analog, mixed-signal and RF turnkey ASIC design and supply company has chosen TSMC as its main technology partner for the past two decades.
Thanks to IC-Link as the technology expert and business center of TSMC in Europe, AnSem can offer its customers access to a leading silicon manufacturer for any business volume with a wide choice of technologies."

Mahesh Tirupattur, Executive Vice President at Analog Bits

"Analog Bits has been a partner with imec for over 5 years.  Together we have provided many companies.  Through this relationship, imec customers have access to the full range of Analog Bits low power IP, for the ultimate confidence in working silicon."

Bram De Muer, CEO ICsense

"As primary portal for the TSMC processes, imec.IC-link plays a valuable role as technology provider for ICsense. The easy process access combined with ICsense’s expertise in analog, mixed-signal and high-voltage IC design, offers our customers a team with proven track record in world-class ASIC design and supply."

Dick van Hees, Technical Supplier Manager at ASML

"Using ASML’s New Product Introduction process, integrated with the new Quality Quantification methodology of cEDM (imec), ASML has been able to improve the PCBA quality level at their suppliers by a factor of 4 to 6 in 3 years. This has led to a machine quality level that is close to the target as set by the ASML team."

Lime Micro's CEO, Dr. Ebrahim Bushehri

"I have been working with Imec throughout my 25 year career in the semiconductor industry. They were a natural partner when we founded Lime Microsystems back in 2005. It's a one stop shop ranging from advice on IC design all the way to establishing a full turn key route to manufacture."


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