Imec.IC-link is the semiconductor manufacturing division of imec. We help innovators, entrepreneurs and universities to realize their ideas in silicon by providing low-cost prototyping, volume production and system integration of electronic assemblies.

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Imec.IC-link adds value across the entire ASIC value chain

  • Get access to leading-edge foundries for any volume and enjoy the support of a world-class support group.
  • Build on the knowledge of imec research.
  • Tap into our expertise in low-power design.
  • Gain access to our technical support teams for technologies from 0.7 µm up to advanced nodes like FinFET 7 nm.
  • Trust in our track record of delivering high quality solutions in markets such as healthcare, space, automotive, industrial, IOT and AI.
  • Work flexibly with either Full Turn-Key (FTK) or Customer-Owned Tooling (COT) design flows.
  • Transition from small-scale Multi-Project Wafer (MPW) prototyping runs to volume production using our ASIC supply-chain management services.

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Imec.IC-link Design and IP Partnership Programs

Our partnership programs are designed to pool the talents and resources of the world-class design and IP companies located bother locally and internationally. This program allows us to select and coordinate the wide range of capabilities that are needed to deliver full turn-key design projects to our customers.

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"As primary portal for the TSMC processes, imec.IC-link plays a valuable role as technology provider for ICsense. The easy process access combined with ICsense’s expertise in analog, mixed-signal and high-voltage IC design, offers our customers a team with proven track record in world-class ASIC design and supply."

Bram De Muer, CEO ICsense 


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