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The 5 highlights of June 2017

Life is busy! So you might not always have the time to keep up with imec's latest news and achievements. On this page you can find a quick overview of what imec has been doing in the past month.

Imec showcased new technological breakthroughs at the VLSI Symposia

Imec presented its latest technological innovations at the 2017 VLSI Symposia, a leading conference on semiconductor technology and circuits:

  • A new technique was unveiled that reduces the source/drain contact area of PMOS transistors to a record-breaking new value, a significant breakthrough that will greatly improve the devices’ performance. Read more about it.
  • Sub-10nm germanium gate-all-around (GAA) devices were showcased for the first time. New device architectures were also introduced, bringing significant improvements for both strained germanium p-channel FinFET and GAA FET devices. Get the details
  • Ground-breaking results proved ferro-electric memory to be a highly promising technology at various points in the memory hierarchy, and as a new technology for storage class memory. Learn more

Summer vibes at imec

What better way is there to celebrate the good weather than by enjoying some good food, drinks and music surrounded by your colleagues and friends? The imec Summer Festival – which took place on June 23rd in Leuven – was the perfect recipe for imec employees to welcome the summer season: live performances, food trucks and great vibes, lasting from the mid-afternoon until the wee hours.

Imec equals quality

Imec strives to meet the quality demands and needs of its industry partners, customers and employees. For the eighth consecutive time, the company was awarded the ISO 9001 certificate, highlighting its business processes, talent management and corporate culture of accountability.

Novel chip technology to offer faster, cheaper, reliable diagnostic testing

miDiagnostics, a spin-off from imec and Johns Hopkins University, is developing technology to allow diagnostic testing by detecting cells, proteins, nucleic acids, and/or small molecules from just a few drops of blood. Their latest breakthroughs, leveraging on imec’s holographic lens-free imaging technology, were recently published in the 2017 IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging (ISBI) Proceedings. Get the details [link to https://www.imec-int.com/en/articles/midiagnostics-closing-in-on-breakthrough-test-for-complete-blood-count]

Imec spin-off co-founder among Belgium’s ‘MIT Innovators Under 35’

Jelle De Smet, co-founder and CTO of imec spin-off EYEco eyeCO, was selected by the MIT Technology Review as one of the Belgian Innovators Under 35. Created in 2015, this list aims at recognizing the most remarkable technological entrepreneurs and researchers in the country.

Established in 2016, EYEco eyeCO is developing age-defying eyewear. Their goal is to commercialize glasses that can electronically correct people’s vision across the entire surface of the glasses lens, offering a higher level of visual comfort, without losing sight of the glasses’ aesthetic requirements.

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