Solutions for sensor networks for the Internet of Things


We drive the Internet of Things (IoT) by developing innovative solutions for massive, heterogeneous sensor networks to connect billions of devices together within high speed networks.

Imec is a reference in the design of ultra-low power electronics, low-power algorithms to increase intelligence and data security, and in all aspects of data science.

Multi-sensor environmental monitoring platform

Our multi-sensor environmental monitoring platform features sensors for temperature, relative humidity, NO2, CO2, VOC (volatile organic compounds), particle matter, ambient light, sound, vibrations and presence detection. Our test platform is suitable for indoor and outdoor air quality monitoring and control, and can be used in smart buildings, smart cities and more.

Use our sensor network test platforms to evaluate your sensors and radios, or to evaluate our technology for your own application:

IoT innovations to jump-start your project

Imec's research activities in IoT cover:

Sensor network testbeds

for environmental testing to evaluate your own sensors or radios, or to evaluate our technologies for your new IoT application. The testbed includes data analytics for partner-specific applications and supports low-cost maintenance of end points.

Sensors for IoT

Sensors for IoT to monitor pH and ions in water and soil, food, body fluids, and more.

Ultra-low power (ULP) IoT radios

2.4GHz and subGHz ultra-low power IoT radios to boost battery life and accommodates smaller batteries.

Secure system solutions and secure proximity services with Bluetooth and ultra-wideband (UWB)

Secure system solutions to locally analyze the data in the sensor node.

Real-time air quality monitoring

Get a complete and correct picture of air quality with a dense network of low-cost sensors – powered by calibration algorithms and analytics.

Continuous water quality monitoring

Imagine having real-time access to several indicators of water quality, on multiple locations. Thanks to imec’s on-chip fluid sensing technology, such a system is finally feasible and affordable.

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  • We can assist you with the transfer to high-volume manufacturing.
  • The imec approach: multi-disciplinary innovation - We have all the expertise in-house to realize your complete and customized solution, from specifications to prototyping and we have the ability to provide low volume manufacturing.

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  • We have a world-class track record in ultra-low power radio and sensor technology, advanced signal processing and data science techniques. 
  • You will profit from our extensive partner network across the value chain
  • Our industrial affiliation program offers precompetitive R&D together with other technology leaders, sharing risk and cost of advanced research to shorten your time-to-market

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