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SDG 4: quality education

How it guides our research

As a research institution, imec strongly values the dissemination of knowledge and education. We therefore enable digital learning platforms and technologies for adaptive learning:

  • Our LEAPS program paved the way for adaptive learning with a multi-purpose, self-learning analytics system.
  • The imec.icon LECTURE+ project developed a platform that enhances the (remote) learning experience.
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How it guides our internal processes and local initiatives

  • At our learning institute,, we celebrate life-long learning by offering high-quality courses in nanoelectronics and digital technology to our own employees,  and external partners.
  • We’re a partner of RVO Society, an organization that stimulates young people to take an interest in science and technology.
  • Smart Education @ Schools supports Flemish teachers in developing technological solutions for specific educational challenges.

Want to know more?

Read the interview with imec expert Jung Yeon Park on the future of education.