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The internet of things

Specialized in technologies and IP ideally suited to low-power, wireless, and secure products.

The convergence of high-growth, fragmented, wirelessly connected application domains characterized by manufacturing sweet spots using mature technologies has led to an explosion of activity by SMEs. New product ideas can be generated by small teams of people and taken quickly to small volume production. They are no longer the domain of only large international corporations. Imec.IC-link is working with its IP and design partners to provide the infrastructure needed to enable and support this process of substream innovation in hardware development.

Imec.IC-link provides foundry access, prototyping and small volume production to SMEs and universities and has experienced very high revenue growth over the last few years.  With a customer base of over 300 companies, 650 universities, and a yearly tape-out schedule of over 500 IC designs per year, it has a unique perspective on the new growth markets of wearables, radio access, home automation, imaging and vision systems which collectively define the Internet of Things.

With falling hardware costs for mature technologies, which are nonetheless well suited to low-power wireless communications, it has never been easier to embed your ideas into silicon.

Please contact imec.IC-link for more information on how to gain access to our prototyping and small volume production services.