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Research is what defines us. It is our roots. Whether you seek specific support or work with multiple partners, we accelerate your progress.

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Boost your research through collaboration

We firmly believe in the synergy of collaboration. Together with universities, companies and governments we aim to maximize our knowledge and push technology forward.

R&D platform with multiple partners

Big innovations are no longer the achievements of solitary brilliant minds, but the result of streamlined collaboration. To facilitate these synergies, imec gathers multiple partners around its ecosystem, talent and infrastructure.

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Bilateral research

Want to be the first to conquer the market with next-generation technology? Then give yourself an edge over your competitors. Partner up with the world-leading research and innovation hub in nanoelectronics and digital technologies. And get better results, faster.

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Government funded research

Imec is committed in numerous research projects co-funded by the government, contributing strongly in Flemish and European R&D programs. These involve companies, research centers and universities.

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The imec.icon research program is our successful formula for demand-driven, cooperative research. Do you have an innovative idea that you want to realize? Discover how imec.icon can help you kick-start your project.

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