Your application

  • How can I apply?
    The application deadline is August 15th. You can easily apply by filling out the application form on our website.
  • When will I receive feedback on my application? 
    In the week of August 17, you will get feedback on your application. If the outcome is positive, we will invite you for a video interview and online tests.
  • What does the recruitment process look like?
    Selection process
  • Is a technical degree required? 
    No, we don’t ask for a technical degree, nor for technical experience. However, we do expect that you’re passionate about technics and we like you to prove it by answering the questions in the application form.

 The training program

  • How long does the training program take? 
    The training program will take 6 to 8 months.  As of the first day of your start at imec school,we give you a permanent contract.
  • How many candidates will be accepted?
    There are only 8 spots available to start the training program in January. The training and education of the candidates will be very intensive for our employees. In order to be able to provide a qualitative education, the spots are limited.
  • Where will the training program take place?
    Most of the trainings will take place at imec Leuven, Kapeldreef 75, 3001 Heverlee.
  • Is the on-the-job training in shifts? 
    Yes. As of the beginning, our colleagues will guide and train you on the job during their shifts. 
  • What does the shift system look like?
    The shift system exists of multiple shifts:
    The early shift 06:00 AM - 02:00 PM
    The evening shift 02:00 PM -10:00 PM
    The night shift 10:00 PM - 06:00 AM
    1 weekend out of 4
  • How will I be evaluated? Are there exams?
    During the entire program of imec school, you will get the opportunity to be evaluated on your knowledge and skills. This way we keep track on your learning process and are able to adjust the training to the needs of our students. The evaluation will be done in various ways (on-the-job, oral feedback sessions, small tests, etc.)

 Contract & salary

  • What kind of contract will I get?
    You will get a permanent contract with an attractive salary package as from the start date of the program.
  • Which salary can I expect? 
    You will receive an attractive and market conform salary package. The package consists of a base salary supplemented with shift premiums for the days working in shifts. On top of this salary you will receive several other benefits such as an interesting insurance package (hospitalization, pension, life insurance, long term disability), meal vouchers, social services (a company restaurant, ironing service, holiday daycare and discounts in different sport clubs and shops).

    Above all, we offer you a challenging position in an advanced high-tech environment and you will work in an international and multicultural team. With your support, we will contribute to technologies that will have an impact on tomorrow’s society.
  • Do I get paid during the training program itself?
    Yes. You will receive an attractive and market conform salary package as from the first day you start the training program.

For remaining questions, please contact