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Partner with imec for your medical device R&D

Integrate advanced chip and digital technology in your next-generation wearables, ingestibles, insertables & implantables, ...

Bringing an innovative device to the market is always a challenge. If that market is health care, that challenge seems to be even greater.

You need a wide range of expertise to develop a product that truly answers the needs of patients and medical professionals. And obtaining regulatory approvals is a long and complex process.

Are you working on a medical device that relies on nano- and digital technology components such as medical chips, non-contact sensors, advanced algorithms and full medical device systems? And do you want to launch your groundbreaking medical device before your competitors do?

Then strengthen your R&D team by choosing an experienced partner. With multiple successful medical device developments – including FDA approvals – under its belt, imec is ready to support you.

Here’s how we can enrich every stage of your R&D.  

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Medical device research

Nano- and digital technology is rapidly transforming our health care landscape.

Powerful, low-cost and low-power computer chips and sensors enable you to assemble wearable, ingestible, implantable and non-contact devices that collect vast amounts of reliable medical data. Algorithms and analytics – running embedded or remote – translate that data into actionable insights.

As a world-leading R&D hub, imec constantly explores the possibilities of nano- and digital technology innovations in clinical areas such as vital sign monitoring , respiratory care, gait analysis and more.

You’re most welcome to join these medical device research programs to get access to our technology platforms and tune them to your own product requirements.

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Medical device product development

Would you rather enter an exclusive partnership with imec to develop the high-tech components or complete medical devices for your innovative medical application? Then we’re ready to assist you with every one of the necessary steps of the development process:

1. Feasibility study

Avoid costly surprises by consulting with imec’s specialists before you embark on your project.

They will elaborately define the required technical specifications of your medical device – allowing you to make an informed decision about its feasibility using our investigational devices and state-of-the-art biomedical and electronic labs.

2. Custom development

The combination of imec’s top researchers and unparalleled infrastructure is your guarantee for a proof of concept that’s best in class.

3. Prototyping & testing

Experiment with your medical device, improve it, and ramp it up for production by working with prototypes tailored to your application. Imec characterizes the performance of the designs both in-house and at third party test houses.

4. Low-volume ASIC production

Imec can also handle the manufacturing of your chip solution, up to a maximum volume of roughly 500 wafers per year.

For higher volumes, we can assist you with the transfer of your production to trusted foundries.

4. Low-volume system production

Imec can also handle the manufacturing prototype runs (10s-100) of your medical device, using our network or preferred suppliers.

For higher volumes, we support the transfer of your medical device production to contract manufacturers or your own production facilities.

IP licensing of medical device components

Through years of advanced research, imec has assembled a treasure trove of IP, backed by a large set of patents and publications for chipsets and algorithms.

Furthermore, we have a number of self-compiled databases, such as that of our SWEET study, the world’s largest dataset on stress detection. They’re available for use in the development of your own medical devices.

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