/Sustainability/SDG 11: sustainable cities and communities

SDG 11: sustainable cities and communities

How it guides our research

Imec explores the technologies that enable data-driven, smart and sustainable cities. A few examples:

  • Our sensing and analytics technologies for air and water quality pave the way to real-time environmental monitoring.
  • Our technologies for wireless connectivity contribute to the robust and fine-grained communication infrastructure of the smart city.
  • Our radar sensing systems and sensor fusion algorithms are key components of smart mobility solutions like autonomous vehicles.
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How it guides our local initiatives

By promoting open data and open architectures, imec helps companies, governments and citizens to adopt technologies that have the power to positively transform our economy and society.

  • We're developing, testing and validating smart city technologies in our City of Things program.
  • Thanks to the Antwerp Smart Zone, the development of digital twins of cities such as Antwerp and Bruges, and initiatives such as CityFlows, Bel-Air and Flooding we can try out these solutions in real-life environments.
  • Our Mobilidata program creates innovative traffic solutions to make traffic safer, more efficient and more sustainable.

Want to know more?

Read the interview with imec expert Jan Adriaenssens on the city of the future.