ASIC development

ASIC development

Team up with imec’s division for ASIC solutions to develop your customized chip – from a few prototypes to high volumes.

There are many reasons why it’s a good idea to integrate an application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) in your product or solution: size reduction, energy efficiency, IP protection, ...

All those reasons are just as valid for multinationals as for startups. So it makes sense that access to ASIC development is also equal. In other words: that SMEs, entrepreneurs and universities can turn to a partner with the expertise and contacts to assist them in realizing their ideas in silicon.

Imec.IC-link is such a partner. Backed by imec’s R&D knowledge and ecosystem, it offers end-to-end ASIC development services from design to low- and high-volume manufacturing.

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ASIC design and IP

Most ASICs combine custom design with existing IP blocks. That means you face a double challenge:

  • Identify the design and IP houses who can fulfill your technological requirements, and negotiate a profitable deal with them.
  • Combine all the elements into one optimized ASIC.

Or you can discuss your desired chip specifications with imec.IC-link. And let their experts figure everything out for you. They have access to in-house designers, an extensive network of design and IP partners, and imec’s white box IP.

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ASIC fabrication

The biggest ASIC development challenge you face is getting your chip manufactured. Leading-edge foundries can be difficult to approach, especially if you can’t (yet) draw their attention with the prospect of massive volumes.

Imec.IC-link is a TSMC value chain aggregator (VCA). And has agreements with other important semiconductor foundries and outsourced semiconductor assembly and test manufacturing vendors (OSATs). That’s your gateway to production for any volume – including first-rate support.

Thanks to imec.IC-link’s multi-project wafer (MPW) service, you can even cost-effectively manufacture a handful of prototypes. That’s also possible in imec’s own advanced technologies such as GaN and integrated photonics.

Once you’re ready to scale up, imec.IC-link can support you from dedicated runs of small-to-medium batches up to high-volume manufacturing.

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Your flexible route to ASIC development

Imec.IC-link’s offering also includes services such as:

  • assembly
  • advanced packaging
  • testing, qualification and optimization

What’s more, you can choose your collaboration model for the development of your ASIC: from a combination of distinct services to a full turnkey solution.

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