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Smarter consumer electronics

Make your consumer electronics more interactive, immersive, and interconnected.

Key technology players in the consumer electronics market are on a constant lookout to make their products more interactive, immersive and connected. Partnering with imec can give them the extra edge to make their products stand out even more.

At imec, our scientists are pushing the boundaries of human-technology interaction. And our engineers strive to make emerging technologies mature, ready to be included in your cutting-edge consumer products. Products that immerse the user in a smart, new experience.

We have a wealth of technologies that we’re constantly extending – integrated in visionary roadmaps. Thanks to flexible yet mature processes, imec can uniquely integrate these novel technologies into prototypes that other fabs would be hard-pressed to make.

What sets imec apart is that we are the only place with advanced 200mm and 300mm CMOS pilot lines that combine the process capabilities and quality of a foundry with the flexibility of a lab. In our facilities, we can produce small volumes of custom-made chips, reliably and on time.

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A fluent, intuitive interaction with all senses

Today’s applications mainly react to touch and voice. They may recognize body gestures, and some even adapt to the individual that they’re paired up with. But much more is on the cards.

Touch applications and technology can be made much more sensitive. Think of large tactile surfaces, applications that are completely touch-sensitive, or virtual mid-air objects that can be touched.

Finer gestures could be recognized over larger distances. Think of recognizing small finger movements, interpreting facial expressions, capturing full body movements, or recognizing individuals through their unique movement patterns.

Here are some of the many technologies that we’re offering to allow users a better multisensory experience:

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Building an immersive experience

Thanks to some amazing and disruptive technologies, audio and video applications have improved to a level that was long unimaginable. Still, more is to come: higher video and audio resolutions, augmented reality and virtual reality, directed laser audio, and eventually holography and virtual presence.

Here are some examples of what we’re working on (and which could be yours to co-develop):

Boosting the connection bandwidth

For today’s and tomorrow’s immersive applications, for new audio and video formats, we need higher bandwidths at very low latencies. Imec is working on technologies that will eventually unlock terabits per second connections.

Here is what we’re currently developing for your consumer applications:


Collaborate with imec to develop your next-generation consumer products

Designing new products and enabling new consumer experiences doesn’t depend on one expertise or technology. They require innovation in display technology, intelligence, form factor, energy use, connectivity ... all at once. Through its broad portfolio of cutting-edge technologies, imec has an in-depth expertise of what is required, what is available, and what is emerging.  

A collaboration with imec can take many forms, from custom development of a key component to a longer R&D trajectory, and from a single step in a product’s fabrication to a full-turnkey solution. Here are a few of the many possibilities:

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