Chip technology for affordable and efficient cancer treatment

Every year 14,1 million people all over the world are diagnosed with cancer. Can we reverse this trend?
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With the COVID-19 pandemic, imec has taken several measures to protect the health and safety of the imec community and to limit the impact on the continuity of imec, on our operations, our research and our commitment to partners. We want to emphasize that imec is committed to keep on fulfilling its role as a global R&D center delivering to its partners and stakeholders. 

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As a trusted R&D partner of companies, start-ups and academia, research and innovation are in our DNA.

We combine our longstanding leadership in microchip technology with in-depth expertise in software and ICT to lay the foundation of a more personalized healthcare, smarter cities, cleaner energy and more efficient mobility, logistics and manufacturing solutions.

We are a single point of contact for innovators and entrepreneurs who want to explore the potential of advanced technologies.

We are imec. We shape the future.

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Smart Mobility

We make connected, driverless cars a reality

For years, governments and mobility experts have been studying approaches to reduce the number of car accidents and avoid the subsequent injuries and fatalities. At the same time, the fight against traffic jams seems to be a losing battle as well, with commute times continuing to lengthen. In other words: it’s time for a new mobility approach; an approach called ‘smart mobility’.
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Smart Health

We bring advanced diagnostics and precision medicine within everyone’s reach

With more people living longer than ever before and chronic disease on the rise, traditional healthcare systems are being pushed to their limits. In other words: scarce medical resources (specialized personnel, budgets, etc.) have trouble keeping up with rapidly-increasing patient demands. But imec foresees a different future; a future in which smart health concepts such as advanced diagnostics and precision medicine are within everyone’s reach.
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Smart Industries

We empower companies to ride the wave of the 4th Industrial Revolution

According to the World Economic Forum, we stand on the brink of a technological revolution that will fundamentally alter the way we live and work: we’re at the dawn of the Fourth Industrial Revolution; a revolution characterized by concepts such as automation, human-computer interaction, the Internet of Things and cloud computing.
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Smart Energy

We create a greener and more sustainable future

The threat of global warming, rapid phasing out of natural resources such as oil, coal and gas, and recent issues with nuclear power plants have significantly raised political and societal interest in the use of renewable energy sources and ‘smart grids’. Smart grids are power networks that transport – besides electricity – information that helps us deal with our energy requirements in a more efficient and sustainable way. They enable, for instance, a smoother integration of renewable energy sources – so that we can better cope with the world’s rapidly increasing power consumption.
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Smart Cities

We lead the way in creating tomorrow’s smart cities

Today, half of the world’s population lives in cities, a number that is expected to increase to 75% by 2050. But as urban populations grow, so do urban challenges – such as mobility, safety, environmental concerns, or urban planning issues.
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Smart Education

We increase learning effectiveness using smart technologies

Imec's smart education program focuses on the efficient use of educational technologies. It encompasses the development and testing of smart technologies that facilitate interaction and collaboration in the learning process and lay the foundation of tailor-made learning solutions.
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