Mediahuis Connect offers premium targeting in collaboration with Predicube

Mediahuis Connect and Predicube (a spin-off from the University of Antwerp and iMinds) will be collaborating on the topic of predictive ad targeting.

Predictive ad targeting does not leverage generic groups, such as 'the athlete' or 'the businessman'; for each campaign, a different target audience is identified by putting a piece of code on the advertiser's product page. Based on people's surfing behavior on the Mediahuis websites, Predicube can then define target groups that are significantly more interested in that advertiser's promotional activity. In turn, that leads to an increased impact for branding campaigns and to improved conversion rates. Via a dashboard the advertiser also gets additional insights in the profile of the surfers on its site: which articles they read on the Mediahuis network and what are their socio-demographic characteristics (such as age and gender).

For more information, please access the Dutch version

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