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Imec fellows

Excellence deserves to be celebrated. That’s why imec awards the title of (senior) fellow to team members whose work made an exceptional impact in their field.

At imec, we’re lucky to count some of the brightest minds in the fields of nano- and digital technologies among our ranks. People whose contributions to our success are so great that they deserve special recognition.

By honoring them with the title of (senior) fellow, we mark their unique expert status both outside and within imec – where they serve as inspiring examples of excellence and valued mentors to us all.

Meet some of our fellows

Eric Beyne imec
Meet imec senior fellow Eric Beyne

Francky Catthoor
Meet imec senior fellow Francky Catthoor

Nadine Collaert
Meet imec fellow Nadine Collaert

“To all the talented female researchers out there: make your voices heard loud and clear. Your ideas and insights matter.”

Stefaan Decoutere
Meet imec fellow Stefaan Decoutere

“Don’t only work out a topic in depth – develop a broad skillset that helps to put your work in a broader context”

Meet imec fellow Stefan De Gendt
Meet imec fellow Stefan De Gendt

“You can only shape your own future by making sound and thoughtful decisions based on the facts and data you have.”

Ingrid De Wolf
Meet imec fellow Ingrid De Wolf

“I like convincing people about the fun and beauty of research”

Guido Groeseneken
Meet imec fellow Guido Groeseneken

Guido Groeseneken has retired at imec.

Paul Heremans
Meet imec Senior Fellow Paul Heremans

Marc Heyns imec
Meet imec fellow Marc Heyns

Marc Heyns has retired at imec.

Fellow Liesbet Lagae
Meet imec fellow Liesbet Lagae

“You can make things happen by working just a little bit harder, day by day.”

Steven Latré
Meet imec fellow Steven Latré

“The best innovations are found at the intersection of disciplines”

Jef Poortmans imec
Meet imec fellow Jef Poortmans

Pol Van Dorpe
Meet imec fellow Pol Van Dorpe

It's crucial to get out of your comfort zone, meet other people, see other labs, learn from other approaches and insights. This will really make a difference in your life and your research.

Jan Van Houdt
Meet imec fellow Jan Van Houdt

“Learn from the outliers in your work and try to be one yourself sometimes.”

chris van hoof imec
Meet imec fellow Chris Van Hoof

Philippe Vereecken
Meet imec fellow Philippe Vereecken

“Use your imagination, it’s one of your most powerful assets.”

Piet Wambacq
Meet imec fellow Piet Wambacq

"I feel an insatiable hunger to learn and to explore."

List of senior fellows

  • Eric Beyne
  • Francky Catthoor
  • Paul Heremans
  • Peter Peumans

List of fellows

  • Jan Craninckx
  • Nadine Collaert
  • Stefaan Decoutere
  • Ingrid De Wolf
  • Guido Groeseneken (retired)
  • Luc Haspeslagh
  • Marc Heyns (retired)
  • Liesbet Lagae
  • Steven Latré
  • Jef Poortmans
  • Geoffrey Pourtois
  • Xavier Rottenberg
  • Zsolt Tokei
  • Joris Van Campenhout
  • Pol Van Dorpe
  • Chris Van Hoof
  • Jan Van Houdt
  • Philippe Vereecken
  • Piet Wambacq
  • Stefan De Gendt