Genomics and sequencing 4.0

Exploiting the power of silicon nanoelectronics

The challenge

Next-generation sequencing is revolutionizing healthcare and medical research through its ability to quickly and accurately analyze genes and even whole genomes or exomes - whether of humans or micro-organisms. Silicon nanofabrication technology can help you reduce the cost and size of genomics equipment while increasing throughput and enabling long-read sequencing, ultimately improving the accuracy of assembled sequences. Silicon chip technology can help you make complex workflows cost-efficient, disposable, automated and adapted to the clinical practice.

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The value of Silicon chip technology

Imec is an ideal partner to help you exploit the power of silicon technology in your genomics application. Imec’s state-of-the-art 300-mm chip manufacturing fabs are the ideal environment for developing novel sequencing chips that will be at the core of future NGS solutions. We have a comprehensive range of IP, tailored for genomics use. These cover all steps of genomic analysis including:

  • NGS sequencing chip technology
  • Microfluidic sample preparation
  • DNA extraction
  • Fast whole genome or targeted amplification
  • Droplet generation and manipulation
  • Droplet PCR
  • Cell sorting
  • Fluorescence detection
  • Cell Lysis
  • Micro-arrays
  • DNA synthesis

By leveraging our IP, world-class infrastructure, design and validation skills and our global ecosystem of diverse partners, imec helps you implement your sequencing solution.

Moreover, we have the facilities and expertise to integrate silicon electronics with microfluidic, electrodes, optical and nanophotonic structures. This opens the door to complete lab-on-chip solutions, ideal for handheld and portable genomics devices.

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