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Nanoelectronics design center for photonics and high-speed electronics

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Imec is a global research brand with a strong commitment to close collaboration with our partners. With this in mind, imec established its first U.S.-based design center in Kissimmee, Florida, in order to come closer to one of our strongest markets and the home of many of our partners.

The center gives U.S.-based semiconductor and system companies, universities, and research institutes an additional possibility to leverage imec’s expertise.

Imec’s activities in Florida concentrate on high-speed electronics, photonics, and specialized imagers. Imec has been a pioneer in the miniaturization of these advanced technologies, which are an excellent fit for the U.S.-based design center because of their potential to be disruptive in many domains that are strategic for the U.S. market.

Research highlights

Our specialized support includes:

  • Locally-embedded R&D hub
  • World-class research in photonics and high-speed electronics
  • Support for U.S.-based SMEs, universities and research
  • Backed by 30+ years expertise of one of the world’s premier R&D centers
  • Suite of services to develop and manufacture innovative electronics
  • Partnership with local fabrication facilities
  • Access to worldwide advanced foundry services

Jobs at imec USA

If you are a senior leader or experienced researcher in one of the following areas, we want to talk to you:

  • IC Design (Photonic, Digital, Analog, Mixed Signal)
  • Systems Architect
  • Chip Architect
  • Program Director
  • Semiconductor Laser Design
  • Computational Imaging

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