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One of imec's strongest markets is the United States, and in today’s hyper-globalized markets, being embedded locally is a great asset for our partners. When imec learned of Osceola County, Florida's eagerness to create economic diversity through the  creation of high tech jobs, it reminded us of our journey.

Osceola County is one of the fastest growing areas in the US, and part of a 23-county region innovation region known as Florida's High Tech Corridor. The Corridor is connected by three major  research universities, which means there are over 500,000 higher education students within a 100-mile radius of imec. Known for its aerospace innovation and steady growth in modeling and simulation, optics and photonics, digital media and medical technologies, the Corridor reported more than 1,000 new technology-focused companies in 2017 alone. 

With an enormous drive by our Florida-based partners to make this effort a success, imec established its first US-based R&D center in the lush heart of Central Florida - about 30 kilometers south of Orlando.

Our expertise

Our US location specializes in advanced high-speed electronics, photonics, and imaging technologies because of imec's proven history of revolutionizing these technologies, and their potential to be disruptive in many domains.

The benefits of partnering with us include:

  • Easy access to world-class research in photonics and high-speed electronics
  • 30+ years of expertise from one of the world’s premier R&D centers
  • Support for U.S.-based SMEs, universities and research
  • A suite of services to develop and manufacture innovative electronics
  • Local fabrication facilities
  • Worldwide advanced foundry services

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Careers at imec USA

Many people want to change the world. At imec, we actually do it.

At imec, we are not only the forward thinkers- we are the doers. We believe that technology has the power to improve lives, and it starts with people.

Each day about 4,000 researchers, all across the globe, representing 85 nationalities push the boundaries of technology forward to create positive change in the world.

Our US-based R&D center offers unique career opportunities for senior leaders and experienced researchers in photonics and high-speed electronics in LiDAR, TeraHertz (THz) and MM-Wave imaging. For the first time ever, US-based researchers have the opportunity to work with the world leader in nanotechnology R&D.

We also have internship opportunities for current and post doctorate students..
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