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Design and foundry services

As a catalyst of semiconductor innovation, imec strives to lower the barrier to chip manufacturing. Companies, including start-ups, can use imec as a single point of entry to design support, chip fabrication, packaging, and qualification – in a wide range of standard and more exploratory technologies.

Getting an IC or nanotechnologies manufactured is a tough process. The challenge more than doubles when initial volumes are low or non-conventional process steps are involved. It’s hard to get access to all the necessary capabilities. And the major foundries find it difficult to incorporate such projects into their overloaded schedules.

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Beyond the standards: custom design and specialty fabrication services at imec

Does your device require access to special process steps and CMOS post-processing options? You can work out the process flow on imec’s established process modules up to prototyping and small series.

More on imec's prototyping capabilities

You can also directly access imec’s platform technologies as stand-alone platforms with a PDK:

This offering is to be extended soon.

Video: imec's silicon photonics platform

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Supporting expertise for dedicated applications

To tailor imec’s technology toolbox to your application, imec’s experts bring in a wealth of expert knowledge to support your prototyping project. This includes:

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