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IC prototyping

One of the biggest hurdles innovators must take is transforming an idea or proof of concept for a chip into a working prototype.

A key consideration is manufacturability, the creation of a reliable fabrication process that remains valid all the way up to hardware validation or high-volume manufacturing. That results in lower total development costs and a faster time to market.

Especially when the device requires advanced or emerging process modules, the big commercial foundries are reluctant to take on such a prototyping project. And university labs lack the necessary commercial-grade equipment and product development methodology.

One point of access for a full prototyping workflow

As the world’s leading micro- and nanotechnology R&D hub that bridges academia and industry, imec uniquely has the processing capabilities and supporting expertise to take on such product-enabling projects.

Our multi-project wafer (MPW) service through our ASIC development division imec.IC-link allows you to share costs with other companies to cost-effectively manufacture a handful of prototypes – in commercially established technologies, but also in imec’s own advanced technology platforms such as GaN and integrated photonics.

Additionally, we act as a flex fab for established companies and start-ups who want to work out a custom flow for their groundbreaking device for a wide range of applications. Our support can include all steps of the development process, from design support up to packaging and qualification.

Central to our capabilities is a 130nm CMOS baseline in our 200mm research fab, and a 65/28nm baseline in our 300mm research fab, both with a complete PDK.

IC prototyping

Our specialty toolbox of design capabilities and process modules includes:

Supporting expertise for dedicated applications

To tailor imec’s technology toolbox to your application, imec’s experts bring in a wealth of expert knowledge to support your prototyping project. This includes:

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